Hello, and welcome to the Smart Ask! Tournament 2 Andy Awards, celebrating some of the good, some of the odd, and some of the funny moments of Tournament 2 of Smart Ask.

Let's start off by announcing my Tournament 2 All-Star Teams. Just like Tournament 1, these are the players who I feel are the best 8 players from Tournament 2, split into two teams of 3 (and two Honourable Mentions). Criteria used for these All-Star teams include statistics, use of strategy, and clutch performances.

Andy's All-Stars

Andy's Smart Ask! Tournament 2 1st All-Star Team:

Sean, Kennebecasis Valley Patrick, Kennebecasis Valley Jacob, Kamloops

Sean, Kennebecasis Valley

540 points in 4 games
Scored game-winning points against Kamloops
Numerous assists to Patrick

Patrick, Kennebecasis Valley

2,190 points in 4 games
78.79% of answers correct
(52 for 66)
19-for-19 in Lightning Round

Jacob, Kamloops

1,260 points in 4 games
69.23% of answers correct
(36 for 52)
13-for-18 in 50-point round

Andy's Smart Ask! Tournament 2 2nd All-Star Team:

Megan, Kamloops Geoff, Highland Rahim, Kamloops

Megan, Kamloops

660 points in 4 games
67.86% of answers correct
(19 for 28)

Geoff, Highland

1,040 points in 3 games
69.70% of answers correct
(23 for 33)

Rahim, Kamloops

740 points in 4 games
62.50% of answers correct
(20 for 32)

Honourable Mentions:

Nanauq, Inuksuk Bobby, Swan Valley

Nanauq, Inuksuk

560 points in 2 games
75.00% of answers correct
(12 for 16)

Bobby, Swan Valley

500 points in 3 games
Scored game-winning points against Calmar

Tournament 2 Andy Awards

Mio's Worst Moment

Tournament 1 Winner: "Mio In A Speedo" (West Kings vs. St. John's)

We've seen Mio come out in some somewhat embarrassing costumes to ask a series of questions, in Mio's Moment. Which one was the most embarassing for Mio and equally memorable for the viewers?

During the Highland-Inuksuk second-round tilt, Mio put on an acting performance worthy of an Oscar when he came out dressed like a killer straight out of a B-grade horror flick:

Mio the Killer

...but it wasn't quite embarrasing enough. Then, a couple of days later, Mio (or should I say Mia) just cracked us all up.

So, the Andy for "Mio's Worst Moment" goes to...

Mia's Moment

"Mia's Moment"

Best Interview
(formerly Oddest Talent)

Tournament 1 Winner: Devin, Wadena

During this tournament's interviews, it's unfortunate that we saw no incredibly odd talents that the players have - however there was one interview which certainly made me crack up.

Nobu: What's the best thing about Toronto?
Rahim: The women.
Nobu: Ohh oh! Ladies' Man! So, um, could you elaborate on that for us?
Rahim: There's so many of them, and they're so diverse, it's like an ice cream store for boys -- 31 flavours...

So, the Andy for "Best Interview" goes to...

Rahim, Kamloops

Rahim, Kamloops

The "Adny" Award
(for worst peformance in the Spelling Bee category)

Tournament 1 Winner: Jesse, Royal West

Disclaimer: This is a "fun" award that I thought of after watching Jen Graham constantly misspell words in chat, on the message boards, and in #triviaden. No ill will or malice is intended towards any of the recipients of an Adny, it's just a fun look back at the Spelling categories.

It's always fun to look back at the spelling categories. Just like Margaret in Tournament 1, Jacob from Kamloops waltzed on through the Spelling categories in Tournament 2. However, we're looking at the other side.

This player only had one game to show his stuff in front of the cameras, but yet still managed to miss 2 questions on his own, and then assisted on another missed spelling question. Therefore I have no choice but to award the Tournament 2 Adny to:

Tyler, Templeton

Tyler, Templeton)

"Athenian Tragedy" Award
(formerly "The Other Side of Athenian Strategy" Award)

Tournament 1 Winner: Royal West Academy

In the month since Tournament 1, the term "Athenian Strategy" has become used over and over to describe teams that work together after the buzz-in to come up with correct responses. It's a great way to utilize teamwork, if it's used well - like Kennebecasis Valley did. However, other teams were not as fortunate. After being derived from a Jen Graham typo (do I get any other kind of inspiration anymore?), the term for such not-so-fortunate teams became known as the "Athenian Tragedy". Tournament 2's winner was certainly an "Athenian Tragedy", having an unfortunate 15 incorrect responses in their one game...therefore, the winner of Tournament 2's unfortunate Andy for "Athenian Tragedy" is...

Templeton Collegiate

Templeton Collegiate

Best Comeback

Tournament 1 Winner: Merivale High School (over Vaughan Road Academy)

Just like Tournament 1, Tournament 2 saw some unbelievable comebacks and tight finishes. And again, we go back to the quarterfinal for the most dramatic. With a scant 36 seconds to go, Kamloops held a seemingly insurmountable 650 to 490 lead over Kennebecasis Valley:

Kamloops 650 Kennebecasis Valley 490

Cue the dramatics. Kennebecasis Valley got 4 of the final 6 questions to pull out a last second win and put themselves in the semi-finals. Therefore, the Tournament 2 Andy for "Best Comeback" goes to:

Kamloops 650 Kennebecasis Valley 690

Kennebecasis Valley High School (over Kamloops Secondary School)

Best Match

Tournament 1 Winner: Vaughan Road 800 St. George's 750

Tournament 2 saw some matches that were *just* as exciting as Tournament 1, if not more.

The match that receives this Andy award was back, and forth, and back, and forth. One team charged out to an early advantage, and their opponents clawed it all back in the 50-point round, building a huge lead of their own. The lead came back the other way during the Dirty Half Dozen, setting up one of the greatest Lightning Rounds in Smart Ask history...with the semi-finals on the line.

For was not only one of the best games of the tournament, but one of the best games in Smart Ask history, the Tournament 2 Andy goes to...

Kennebecasis Valley 690 Kamloops 650

Kennebecasis Valley 690 Kamloops 650

That brings to a close this series of the Andy Awards, but I'll be back after Tournament 3 for a third go at it! Peace!