We're a bit late, but we're back! And we have the Tournament 4 Andy Awards for your pure enjoyment :-)

As always, here are the Tournament 4 All-Star Teams. Just like before, these are the players who I feel are the best 8 players from Tournament 4, split into two teams of 3 (and two Honourable Mentions). Criteria used for these All-Star teams include statistics, use of strategy, and clutch performances.

Andy's All-Stars

Andy's Smart Ask! Tournament 4 1st All-Star Team:

Andrea, Saint Malachy's Sarah, Three Hills Jamie, Saint Malachy's

Andrea, Saint Malachy's

1,050 points in 4 games
510 points vs. Kipling
11 for 13 in the Lightning Round

Sarah, Three Hills

1,180 points in 4 games
430 points against Bishop's
6 for 8 in Dirty Half Dozen

Jamie, Saint Malachy's

1,080 points in 4 games
9 for 12 in 50-point round

Andy's Smart Ask! Tournament 4 2nd All-Star Team:

Angela, North Grenville Matt, Windsor Jackson, Windsor

Angela, North Grenville

610 points in 2 games
80% of answers correct (12 for 15)
7 for 7 in Lightning Round

Matt, Windsor

670 points in 3 games
71.43% of answers correct
(20 for 28)

Jackson, Windsor

770 points in 3 games
9 for 11 in Lightning Round

Honourable Mentions:

Erin, Ross Sheppard Nicholas, Kipling

Erin, Ross Sheppard

740 points in 3 games

Nicholas, Kipling

530 points in 2 games
3 for 3 in Dirty Half Dozen

Tournament 4 Andy Awards

Mio's Worst Moment

Tournament 1 Winner: "Mio In A Speedo" (West Kings vs. St. John's)
Tournament 2 Winner: "Mia's Moment" (Highland vs. Inuksuk)
Tournament 3 Winner: "Mio of Green Gables" (Albert Campbell vs. East Pictou)

Tournament 4 saw quite a few rehash of Mio costumes...you know, somehow I have a feeling that the prop and craft department likes sending Mio out this way, because it means that they don't have to do any work at all!

I have to say though, Mio did quite well to make a fool out of himself in a speedo this time. He certainly did during the Three Hills-Saint Malachy's game! After walking out in a speedo, he proceeded to announce...

My category is...Boy Toys!

"My category is...Boy Toys!"

...and thus receives the Andy.

Best Interview
(formerly Oddest Talent)

Tournament 1 Winner: Devin, Wadena
Tournament 2 Winner: Rahim, Kamloops
Tournament 3 Winner: Jennifer, Marystown Central

It's too bad half the country didn't get to see this game, because those that did got one heck of an interview. Mio and Nobu interviewed Courtney from Three Hills and Jackson from Windsor as a joint interview, talking about just how good of friends the two teams had become.

Of course, during the interview, Courtney proceeds to exclaim just how great of a cow-tipper that Matt from Windsor is...therefore cementing the Andy Award for Tournament 4's Best Interview to...

Courtney, Three Hills and Jackson, Windsor Courtney, Three Hills and Jackson, Windsor Courtney, Three Hills and Jackson, Windsor

Courtney, Three Hills and Jackson, Windsor

The Adny Award
(for Worst Performance in the Spelling Bee Category)

Tournament 1 Winner: Jesse, Royal West
Tournament 2 Winner: Tyler, Templeton
Tournament 3 Winner: Jennifer, Marystown Central and Kayla, Marystown Central

Disclaimer: This is a "fun" award that I thought of after watching Jen Graham constantly misspell words in chat, on the message boards, and in #triviaden. No ill will or malice is intended towards any of the recipients of an Adny, it's just a fun look back at the Spelling categories.

Again, we had two teammates in pretty close running for the Adny. I will first start out by giving an Honourable Mention to Joelle from Three Hills, for going 1 for 4 on two spelling categories against Rosenort and Bishop's. Only spelling "existence" correctly saved Joelle from the award.

Joelle, Three Hills

However, Sarah, one of Joelle's teammates, went an unfortunate 0 for 4 against Rosenort and Bishop's, cementing the Tournament 4 Adny. She might not be able to spell, but she's pretty dang smart in other areas!

So, The Adny for Tournament 4 is awarded to...

Sarah, Three Hills

Sarah, Three Hills

"Athenian Tragedy" Award
(formerly "The Other Side of Athenian Strategy" Award)

Tournament 1 Winner: Royal West Academy
Tournament 2 Winner: Templeton Collegiate
Tournament 3 Winner: Marystown Central High School

I had to think pretty creatively to award this award for Tournament 4, because I saw no true examples of Athenian Tragedy.

However, there was one instance where an Athenian strategy may have prevented errors. This player went a very unfortunate 0 for 3 during his Lightning Round - maybe his namesakes could have helped him out a little?

Therefore, for showing us when an Athenian might not be a bad idea, the Athenian Tragedy for Tournament 4 goes to...

Alex M., Philemon Wright Alex M., Philemon Wright

Alex M., Philemon Wright

Best Comeback

Tournament 1 Winner: Merivale High School (over Vaughan Road Academy)
Tournament 2 Winner: Kennebecasis Valley High School (over Kamloops Secondary School)
Tournament 3 Winner: Porcupine Plain Composite High School (over Bassano School)

Tournament 4 had probably the fewest late comebacks out of the four tournaments, and very very few people got the opportunity to see this one (due to pre-emption thanks to the war coverage) - I had to pay $20 for the tape of this game...

In the second third-round match, Ross Sheppard held a 520-390 lead at the start of the Lightning Round:

Saint Malachy's 390 Ross Sheppard 520

However, Saint Malachy's managed to mount a final charge to put themselves not into the quarter-final, but also in the Tournament 4 Andy Awards for Best comeback:

Therefore, the Andy for best comeback goes to...

Saint Malachy's 540 Ross Sheppard 470

Saint Malachy's Memorial High School (over Ross Sheppard High School)

Best Match

Tournament 1 Winner: Vaughan Road 800 St. George's 750
Tournament 2 Winner: Kennebecasis Valley 690 Kamloops 650
Tournament 3 Winner: Albert Campbell 650 East Pictou 600

This match was named Best Match for two reasons:

1. Because of a very intelligent Dawg Eat Dawg wager that brought back 80% of a deficit; and

2. Because of the sheer pace of the Lightning Round, making for a very tense and exciting finish.

Thanks to Mio and Nobu for making this match really exciting! The Tournament 4 Andy for Best Match goes to the tense and exciting 2nd round battle between:

Three Hills 760 Bishops College School 630

Three Hills 760 Bishops College School 630

That brings to a close this fourth series of the Andy Awards, but check back in a couple of days where I will have another set of Andy Awards showcasing the best of the semi-finals and finals! Peace!