Hello, and welcome back as we present Season 3's first batch of Andy Awards! Just like there's been new rounds added and old rounds dropped on the show, we've made some changes to the Awards - I hope you like them!

And without much further ado, we begin this season's first set of Andy Awards with...

Andy's All-Stars

Andy's Smart Ask! Tournament 1 1st All-Star Team:

Patrick, Kennebecasis Valley Danny, Bishop's Peter, Ross Sheppard

Patrick, Kennebecasis Valley

2,880 points in 4 games
78.5% of answers correct
(62 for 79)
1,130 points vs. RD Parker

Danny, Bishop's

3,370 points in 4 games
75.6% of answers correct
(68 for 90)
36 for 43 in the LR

Peter, Ross Sheppard

2,550 points in 3 games
77.4% of answers correct
(48 for 62)
1,120 points vs. Wiarton

Andy's Smart Ask! Tournament 1 2nd All-Star Team:

Matt, Fredericton Peter, Fredericton Catherine, Sir Winston Churchill

Matt, Fredericton

1,710 points in 3 games
82.9% of answers correct
(29 for 35)
700 points vs Bishop's

Peter, Fredericton

1,750 points in 3 games
94.6% of answers correct
(35 for 37)
14 for 14 in LR

Catherine, Sir Winston Churchill

1,290 points in 2 games
96.3% of answers correct
(26 for 27)
16 for 16 and 830 points
vs. Mountain Feild

Honourable Mentions:

Sean, Kennebecasis Valley Tyler, Humboldt Christopher, Bishop's

Sean, Kennebecasis Valley

3 perfect games
620 points vs. Ross Sheppard

Tyler, Humboldt

8 for 9 and 470 points
in 1st-round scare given to Bishop's

Christopher, Bishop's

Forumer's Choice Award Winner
Numerous clutch answers
incl. game-clinching points vs Fredericton

Tournament 1 Andy Awards

Mio's Worst Moment

The more things change, the more things stay the same...

Mio's back -- and so are his moments. So, obviously, I have to take a look back and see what his worst ones are.

In the Mountain Feild-Sir Winston Churchill, Mio gave a moving tribute (One that moved me to laugh) to our Founding Mothers...

Mio the Founding Mother

...and spat something, what looked to be teeth, out of his mouth in the Bialik-Kennebecasis Valley encounter.

Mio Spits

Gross! But easily Mio's Worst Moment came in the Ross Sheppard-Kennebecasis Valley 3rd-round match:

Nobu: Who are you today?
Mio: I'm a model, can't you see?
Nobu: What kind of model?

Mio the Hair Model

"I'm a hair model!"

Best Nobu Nation Lead-In

This is a new category, inspired by a complaint that I received that Mio was getting more recognition than Nobu.

Of course, there's a new segment on Smart Ask known as Nobu Nation, and it's always led in by some banter between Nobu and Sabrina.

In the Fredericton-Perth game, we saw the following:

Nobu: Okay, I've just got to say, Sabrina, I just wanna tell you this right now.
You're new to the show, fairly new, but you know, being here at CBC is fantastic--

Sabrina: That's awesome.

Nobu: Yeah, let's take a look at the picture. It's the red one there. It's like a one speed.
It's classic sort of Czechoslovakian bicycle. It's old school, you know?

Nobu's Bicycle

Sabrina: Okay, exotic. That's awesome.

Nobu: Yeah, it's really great.

Sabrina: You know what, they are great. Like I'm new and as a "Welcome to Smart Ask" thing
they actually got me a ride, too, take a look. It's up on the monitor. It's pretty sweet.
It gets me around town.

Sabrina's Porsche

Nobu: What -- uh, a Porsche?

Sabrina: Yeah, P to the O to the R to the Sche.

Nobu: My taxpayer's dollars got you a Porsche and I got a one speed old school Czechoslovakian bicycle?

Sabrina: Nobu, Nobu, calm down. Don't hate the player, hate the game, gangsta.

Nobu: You know what? I think I'm just gonna get back to the game 'cause that's like ridiculous.

Well, I didn't think it was that ridiculous, because the Andy Award goes to...

Sabrina's Porsche

"P to the O to the R to the Sche"

Best Interview

There were a couple of interviews that were definitely worthy of "Best Interview":

My Honourable Mention in this category goes out to my namesake from Perth who extolled the virtues of "Lather, rinse *and* repeat", even if it means your teammate has no shampoo...

Andy from Perth's Interview

But for getting a hard time from Mio about being so afraid to say "Penis" on national television, the Tournament 1 Andy for Best Interview goes to...

Libby's Interview

Libby, Westisle

Best Fashion Statement

This is another new category, suggested by Tyler, from Templeton Collegiate, to recognize the players that looked the most interesting fashion-wise on the show...

I'm going to give out a 2nd Honourable Mention Andy to, well, Andy (Yes, the Perth variety again)...for his choice of shirt for the show:

Andy's Snappy Shirt

But, there was one snappier dresser in Tournament 1. Even though they lost in the opening round, he at least looked good in defeat, and for that, the Andy Award for Best Fashion Statement goes to:

David from Campbell

David, Campbell

"Um...Uh..." -- The Better Way!

This 3rd new category is my replacement for the Athenian Tragedy award (After all, the Athenian was banned effective the start of Season 3), and it rewards a player that has come up with the most creative way of saying that they simply don't know the answer to a question.

In Tournament 1, this award was very easy to determine. For his statement of "You know, I don't know. But perhaps if Ralph Klein funded education in Alberta, I would." in the Ross Sheppard-Westisle game, this Andy Award goes to...

Peter, Ross Sheppard

Peter, Ross Sheppard

The "Adny" Award
(for Worst Performance in the Spelling Bee Category)

This Adny Award was the toughest Adny I've ever had to determine, because the teams only got 11 spelling questions wrong! (They went 21 for 32).

What's worse, 4 of those wrong answers came from Patrick from Kennebecasis Valley, who also had 5 right answers to off-set them...

Patrick at work in the Spelling Category

So, I had to think a little creatively...but fortunately, I was still able to field (That is how it's spelled, right?) an Adny Award winner for Tournament 1.

Each member of this team missed 1 spelling question in their game, and were 1 for 4 as a team, so the Adny Award, for the first time, goes to a team: The team from...

Mountain Feild Academy

Mountain Feild Academy

Best Comeback

It was too bad that there weren't more last-minute comebacks in Tournament 1, but it did finally happen.

With 58 seconds to go in the quarter-final, Kennebecasis Valley held a 350 point lead on Bishops College School:

Bishop's 430 Kennebecasis Valley 780

Cue the dramatics. Bishop's went 7 for 8 over the final 8 questions to amazingly put themselves into the semi-final, and net themselves the Andy Award for Best Comeback:

Bishop's 1030 Kennebecasis Valley 680

Bishops College School (over Kennebecasis Valley)

Best Match

This was easily the best game I have ever seen. The scoreboard changed on every single question of regulation. One team jumped out to a quick lead, their opponents clawed back to take a 50-point lead coming out of the Dirty Half Dozen. At the turn from 50 to 100 point Lightning Round questions, one team was up by a single question, setting up one of the greatest sprints to the finish ever. Of course, if you saw this game, you know that we needed overtime to determine a winner here, meaning the Andy Award for Best Match goes to...

Bishop's 1560 Fredericton 1360

Bishop's 1560 Fredericton 1360

Well, this concludes the first set of Andy Awards for Season 3, but check back after Tournament 2 when I unveil this season's 2nd set -- Peace!