We're back, and now that Tournament 2 is done, we've got another set of Andy Awards! Enjoy!

Andy's All-Stars

Andy's Smart Ask! Tournament 2 1st All-Star Team:

Garrett, Swan Valley Jacob, South Kamloops Ryan, Bluefield

Garrett, Swan Valley

1,980 points in 3 games
82.5% of answers correct
(33 for 40)
12 for 12 in 100 point Lightning Round

Jacob, South Kamloops

2,890 points in 4 games
82.4% of answers correct
(56 for 68)
29 for 30 in Lightning Round

Ryan, Bluefield

1,720 points in 3 games
90.9% of answers correct
(30 for 33)
17 for 19 in Lightning Round

Andy's Smart Ask! Tournament 2 2nd All-Star Team:

Scott, South Kamloops Karen, Notre Dame Steve, Notre Dame

Scott, South Kamloops

1,220 points in 4 games
65.8% of answers correct
(25 for 38)
Saved South Kamloops from Round 1 defeat with solid play (3 for 3) in 100-point Lightning Round vs F. H. Collins

Karen, Notre Dame

1,860 points in 4 games
64.4% of answers correct
(38 for 59)
1,100 points in Lightning Round

Steve, Notre Dame

1,400 points in 4 games
73.5% of answers correct
(25 for 34)
Scored game-winning points twice

Honourable Mentions:

Donnie, Bluefield Philipp, Alexander von Humboldt Brandon, Bluefield

Donnie, Bluefield

1,160 points in 3 games
83.8% of answers correct
(26 for 31)

Philipp, Alexander von Humboldt

760 points in 2 games
87.5% of answers correct
(14 for 16)
3 for 3 in DHD

Brandon, Bluefield

Forumer's Choice Award Winner
950 points in 3 games
520 points vs St. Patrick

Tournament 2 Andy Awards

Mio's Worst Moment

Tournament 1 Winner: "Mio the Hair Model" (Ross Sheppard vs. Kennebecasis Valley)

As usual, there were numerous occasions where Mio looked completly silly. For example, in the Notre Dame-South Kamloops game, he came out as an injured rugby player (having run into a car...)

Mio the Injured Rugby Player

...and also as a witch. Nice moles!

Mio the Witch

But Mio's worst moment came in the Morell-Swan Valley game, having trekked out as "Smartie -- the Smart Ask Mascot!". Nobu then made fun of Mio and some apparent drunken escapades, causing Mio to chase Nobu around the set. This cements Mio's Worst Moment going to...

Mio as Smartie, the Smart Ask Mascot

Mio as Smartie, the Smart Ask Mascot

Best Nobu Nation Lead-In

Tournament 1 Winner: "P to the O to the R to the Sche!" (Fredericton vs. Perth)

During Tournament 2 there were a couple of occasions where the Nobu-Nation lead-in *was* funny.
The Honourable Mention in this category goes to the South Kamloops-Bluefield game, where Sabrina makes fun of Nobu not being able to find the washroom at the mall...

Sabrina making fun of Nobu

...but the best Nobu Nation lead in was when they tried the impersonation of the guy at the Elbow Room restaurant in Vancouver. Now I have to ask, does this person post at alt.sports.hockey.nhl.vanc-canucks?

Oh well, in any case, there's one thing I think everybody wants to say:

Hi Mio! I miss you!

"Hi, Mio! I miss you!"

Best Interview

Tournament 1 Winner: Libby, Westisle

Again, a lot of Andy Award-worthy Interviews in Tournament 2.

Honourable Mention in this category goes to 4 people who decided that the interview would be a perfect time for Adilman's Stupid Human Tricks. We saw Sarah the human pretzel, Nanauq hoist Mio into the air, double-jointed Victor, and Scott do freaky things with his nose.

Sarah the Human Pretzel Nanauq the Wrestler
Double-Jointed Victor Scott's Freaky Nose

But the best interview goes (technically) to Deanna from Notre Dame, who spoke about Notre Dame's mascot. No, not Mio...but Mio might just know this guy...the Andy for Best Interview goes to...


Deanna, Notre Dame (and Speedo Man!)

Best Fashion Statement

Tournament 1 Winner: David, Campbell

Honourable Mention in this category goes to Ryan, from Bluefield, who decided to wear the same lucky shirt for all 3 of his games...since Colorado *is* for hustlers.

Ryan, from Bluefield (Colorado is for Hustlers)

But the Andy Award for Best Fashion Statement goes to two guys from Inuksuk who really looked good in their wife-beaters...Joel and Nanauq from Inuksuk.

Joel and Nanauq, Inuksuk

Joel and Nanauq, Inuksuk

"Um...Uh..." -- The Better Way!

Tournament 1 Winner: Peter, Ross Sheppard

There's always a better way to say "I dunno..." Honourable Mention goes to two people this time, one for saying that John A. MacDonald was a top-ranked Australian tennis player (Jacob from South Kamloops), and another for a really good Scottish accent (Philipp from Alexander from Humboldt):

Jacob, South Kamloops ('John A. MacDonald?') Philipp, Alexander von Humboldt ('Haggis!')

But this award goes to a player that really didn't know an answer in the Dirty Half Dozen, so he went with: "Purple Monkey Dishwasher." Therfore, for showing us that there's a better way to say "I don't know", the Andy goes to...

Shawn, Swan Valley ('Purple Monkey Dishwasher.')

Shawn, Swan Valley

The Adny Award
(for Worst Performance in the Spelling Bee Category)

Tournament 1 Winner: Mountain Feild Academy

Adny was very happy this time around. No Honourable Mentions here -- there was a clear winner. This contestant missed her first 3 spelling questions (her teammate beat her in on #4, and also missed). So to you, I say "Hier ist dein Adny!" The Adny goes to...

Constance, Alexander von Humboldt

Constance, Alexander von Humboldt

Best Comeback

Tournament 1 Winner: Bishop's over Kennebecasis Valley

Tournament 2 saw 2 of the largest comebacks in Smart Ask History.

Honourable Mention in this category goes a team that was down 690-260 in the Dirty Half Dozen, but came back to snatch a spot in the quarterfinals after an 1,110-1,090 win. Yep, you guessed it - South Kamloops over Bluefield.

Bluefield 690 South Kamloops 260 Bluefield 1090 South Kamloops 1110

But the Andy for Best Comeback goes to another team, who were down 450 points midway through the Lightning Round, but still managed to come back with an amazing run in the 100-point Lightning Round. Therefore, the Andy for Best Comeback goes to:

Swan Valley 280 Alexander von Humboldt 730 Swan Valley 780 Alexander von Humboldt 730

Swan Valley (over Alexander von Humboldt)

Best Match

Tournament 1 Winner: Bishop's 1560 Fredericton 1360

The Best Match of Tournament 2 was a near-no brainer. This match saw the teams trade 100-point answers over the final 40 seconds, leading to one of the most dramatic game-winning buzzer-beaters in Smart Ask history. For that, the Best Match of Tournament 2 goes to...

Notre Dame 1160 Swan Valley 1150

Notre Dame 1160 Swan Valley 1150

Well that brings this set of Andy Awards to a close, but keep an eye out after Tournament 3 where I bring out a 3rd set! Peace!