Atlantic - Westile (PE) 280 Menihek (Lab.) 0 (-30)

In the season's opening match it took a little while for the teams to get going, a few wrong answers on a fairly tough first two categories to start, but once they got going, Westile was unstoppable, going 11 for 14 in the final two rounds to clean up. Menihek got 2 questions wrong in the LR to end up with -30 points.

Maritime - Kennebecasis Valley (NB) 230 Liverpool (NS) 0 (-140)

Well, KV ran the opening two categories and Liverpool failed in its attempts to anticipate the end of the question. Even during the Lightning Round, Liverpool was faster, but they certainly weren't accurate. 1 correct answer all game -- when the quizmaster let an early buzz slide -- for Nova Scotia. A completely dominant performance by the favourites.

Quebec - Blalik 200 Beaconsfield 80

This game was tied going into the LR even though Blalik (Bee-aaah-lick) controlled most of the first two rounds. Their being the better team showed through by playing the LR better than Beaconsfield did. They won't do too poorly on TV.

Ontario - Wiarton 150 Collingwood 110

Neither team really impressed me in this game -- there was lots of guessing in this game, meaning that the knowledge base might not be there. The Lightning Round did go better though for Wiarton.

Also, congratulations to Luke from Wiarton for scoring the 250,000th point in Smart Ask history on the following question: "Since 1894 canadian trade unionists have celebrated what day set aside to honour workers?" (The answer: Labour Day)

Manitoba - RD Parker 160 Dauphin 60

Finally, Ben gets one wrong. RD Parker completely controlled the opening two rounds, but then sat on their lead in the LR. I don't know if they just plum didn't know the answer, or weren't willing to guess, but their trepidation will cost them on TV if they don't smarten up...the Three Hills strategy of "Hang on for dear life" won't work this year...

Saskatchewan - Campbell 70 Central 10 (NOT a typo)

I didn't pay too much attention to this game, but from what I did get (Their LR was during Alberta's 2nd break), neither team will do very was a very ugly final round (hence the low score). Campbell missed 2 of the final 3 questions and almost blew the game.

Alberta - Ross Sheppard 200 Drumheller 60

Drumheller only did well in the 20-point round, Ross Sheppard played much better in the first and Lightning rounds and will do very well on TV this year. Keep it up!

British Columbia - West Vancouver 210 Windsor 170

Excellent game here, easily the best game of the night. Windsor jumped out to an early lead, but West Van came back in the 20 to take a lead. The LR was back and forth, with West Vancouver pulling it out at the end. Both teams played very very well and West Van should play well on television. 1