Atlantic - Mountain Feild 120 Montague 100

Okay, Mountain Feild got a bit lucky, but a win's a win, eh? Montague went 2 for 4 in the LR and it came back to haunt them. Good on Labrador for making TV, but unless they get a good draw, they won't be seeing Round 2.

Maritime - Fredericton 240 Parrsboro 120

Parrsboro played very well considering they were up against New Brunswick's Nationals representative in Reach the past two seasons. After holding steady and pulling within 30 early in the LR, Fredericton put it into another level and won fairly handily.

Quebec - Bishop's 270 Three Rivers 220

Danny, Danny, Danny...what is it with you and them last-second heart-attack-inducing guesses in the Lightning Round? Bishop's had the game in the bag, but nice work getting the extra points. An excellent game as well - Bishops played the LR with its patented sence of urgency and it pulled the game out for them.

Ontario - Perth 80 Athens 40

My beloved Athenians, I can't believe this. Athens played this game disorganized and clueless (Ringing in too soon - this is an 'Ask powerhouse we're talking about here! What's up with that? I threw a stale rice cake at the radio after that one) - Perth didn't touch the buzzer in the LR, but they didn't have to. Athens lost the game for themselves, going 2 for 5.

In the first question in the LR, Athens misspoke, if I remember correctly, instead of "barometric", they said something along the lines of "baromeric" or "barometic". If they say "Barometric", they win 100-80.

Manitoba - JH Bruns 110 Joseph Wolinsky 50

...And the Dings win another one. This game was tied going into the Lightning Round, Bruns went 3 for 5, JWC went 0 for 1.

Saskatchewan - Humboldt 250 St. Mary 90

It was a surprisingly good game (After putting up with last week's low-scoring snoozefest, I wasn't expecting much), with St. Mary pulling a KV and running the opening two categories. Humboldt had problems with buzzing in too soon, though. In the 2nd round, Humboldt started to come around, even though they were down 100-10 after the first 20-point category. The St. Mary player rambled too much on the first question of the 20-point round, meaning that the quizmaster had to throw out the 2nd question of the round. Going into the LR, the score was 120-70 for St. Mary...but Humboldt got the first 3 questions and didn't look back. The attempts made by St. Mary to come back were met with a couple of incorrect answers, and Humboldt waltzed to a 160 point win.

Alberta - Lethbridge 190 Westwood 110

Well, Lethbridge was easily the stronger team today - they set Westwood a Lightning Round target of 4 questions. Westwood got 1. Lethbridge should make it to at least round 2, unless they get an unlucky draw.

British Columbia - Sir Winston Churchill 230 John Oliver 120

John Oliver got 4 straight questions to open the 20 point round to make it 90-60, but that's as good as it got for John Oliver -- they got 1 question the rest of the way, as Sir Winston Churchill pulls it out with a solid effort. 1