Newfoundland - Baie Verte 180 Ascension 120

Excellent game, the teams didn't miss a question in the opening round...Baie Verte turned it up a notch in the LR to cement their birth in Toronto.

Maritime - Moncton 200 Holy Angels 190

Another excellent game this week in the Maritimes, with both teams deserving to go on to Toronto. The Lightning Round was back and forth, but not frantic like Bishop's last week, with Moncton ekeing the game out by a mere 10 points. Excellent sportsmanship and banter by both sides as well - my favourite being both teams talking about their school's breakfast programs, and Holy Angels telling Moncton, "Do *you* guys get Rice Krispies?" "No." "I didn't think so." All 6 players for this game should be proud of how well they did.

Quebec - Humboldt 100 Billings 70

(Special Guest Reviewer: Mark Kalzer)

My name is Mark. Many of you may remember me from one guest review spot during the last TV season. I was also in attendence at the final championship game. I'm now reporting from Carleton University, a fact which is essentially meaningless except that I no longer have the use of my trusty satellite dish pulling in CBC feeds from across the country. (How am I supposed to keep up with the Leafs this year?! It's all Sens over here!)

Anyways I just got this assignment mere minutes ago over MSN. Andy MSNed me a link to CBC radio on the web. It took me a few attempts to get on. (Server overload? There's an overload for CBC RADIO?! Since when does this happen?!)

After an unusual sense of disorientation on the radio, the first player's name introduced was Jennifer Graham. Who? Can't be OUR Jenn Graham...Isn't she in University? Alas, this one is in Grade 11.

Note: This is the first time I've ever listened to this show on the radio. So erm, this is rather, awkward.

4:28, they start doing a traffic report. Traffic report? Isn't this broadcast nation wide? Canada isn't THAT underpopulated is it? After a bunch of random street names are mentioned, none of which seem familiar to Ottawa, I realize this is a Montreal feed. Further showing my ineptitude with radio.

4:36, they still haven't started the game. The old Montreal traffic again. Naturally it's terrible over there. Brings back memories of my summer vacation.

4:38, they're introducing the game.

4:39, music, in all it's crackily form.

Humboldt has been dominating in the buzzing in category. I haven't heard Billing's bell once. Still can't think of a name for Humboldt's buzzer sound.

We could see Humboldt go down, if they keep up their random buzzing in.

Final score: Humboldt 100 Billings 70

And so Humboldt heads off to Toronto in search of glory, and better hosts. Pity we don't get to learn more about this new Jennifer Graham character. Seems they have new rules in place to stop Athenian tradgedies, unless it's just a radio thing.

Ontario - Notre Dame 210 Governor Simcoe 180 (OT)

Yeah, that's right. OT. Overtime. Tiebreaker question.

Governor Simcoe played the most stunning opening 2 rounds of the radio tournament. Held a 180-30 lead on Notre Dame with about 1:20 to go after ND stumbled on the opening LR question. Of course, Notre Dame goes 5 for 5 in the last 1:20, and Simcoe stumbles, going 2 for 4...and we have a tie...Notre Dame nails the tiebreaker, and proceeds to go on to Toronto.

Manitoba - Swan Valley 210 Stonewall 190

This game was very very very similar to Ontario's...Swan Valley controlled the opening two rounds, and almost blew it in the Lightning Round, but a Hail Mary guess at the buzzer sends Swan Valley back to Toronto.

Saskatchewan - Sheldon-Williams 190 Balcarres 30

Well, Balcarres, the team who had the closest game of televised Season 1, is the only team not to keep it close this week. It was 30-30 after 1 round, though. Mary-Ann from Morell was listening to the game and she was telling me that Sheldon-Williams was the stronger team, but only 4 questions were attempted by the 2 teams in the Lightning Round (SW went 2 for 2, Balcarres went 1 for 2). Personally, I think Sheldon-Williams needs to hit the buzzer more in the LR if they have any aspirations to go farther on TV.

Alberta - Winston Churchill 220 EW Pratt 190

And we're now 6 for 6 with regards to close, tight games. We were 100-100 going into the Lightning Round, Winston Churchill got 4 questions to start, and EW Pratt only got 3, meaning that we now have 2 Humboldts and 2 Churchills on the TV draw :-)

BC - St. George's 350 York House 120

He's back. They're all back. Adam, Alex, Stephen. Wow.

All I can say...I don't know. St. George's is now the #1 seed in this tournament. By *far*. A completely dominant performance - 19 for 21.

We now have our team to beat. 1