Atlantic - Bluefield 280 vs Laval 110

Great game by Bluefield, especially in the LR - their top scorer from last year is back, though :-) They should go farther this year.

Martime - Rothesay 200 Riverview 140

As my MSN name says, call by the judge, there is no way "Alaska Panhandle" can be accepted instead of "Alaska Boundary Dispute". I'm sorry, but why does New Brunswick get all of the calls in the Maritimes?. This week's game is the one that *should* have gone to the tiebreaker. There's no way that question should have been accepted. No way at all.

Quebec - Royal West 320 Laurier 140

Pretty dominant performance here by a completely new team at Royal West. I guess this means there's a bit of a trivia legacy at the school, here, eh?

Ontario - Central 360 Saint Joan of Arc 110

This was the most dominant Lightning Round performance I have ever seen. This game, incredibly enough, was *tied* going into the Lightning Round -- at least until Central nailed the first 5 questions - on interrupts. Simply amazing.

Manitoba - Teulon 160 Falcon Beach 50

Special Guest Reviewer: Ben Smith

Both teams looked promising in the first half of the game, but there were a lot of wrong answers in the LR. I don't think Teulon will be getting too far, considering the other teams of this week.

On the side, Falcon Beach sounds interesting: a 70-student school in a provincial park dedicated to athletics.

Saskatchewan - Kipling 290 Indian Head 130

Kipling owned the Lightning Round here :-) Nicholas is back as well, Kipling should do well...

Alberta - Three Hills 130 Two Hills 120

Three Hills almost blew this the last two questions to pull out a 10-point win (I flipped over after Sask.)

British Columbia - South Kamloops 190 Penticton 30

Well, well, well, whaddaya know - Kamloops gets Kamloops Fever at the end of the Lightning Round... :-)

I really should research the schools more. 1