Atlantic - Leo Burke 180 St. Kevin's 150 (120).

What else is new? We have a scoring error. Again. This match needed a tiebreaker but it shouldn't have. Leo Burke won this game 180-120, and shouldn't have needed to nail a tiebreaker to make it to Toronto.

Maritime - Musqodoboit 280 (250) St. Malachy's 90 (120).

There's only one way to describe this: Complete and utter gross incompetence on the part of the scorekeepers. Musquodoboit went 5 for 6 in the LR, not 5 for 5, and Klassen, just so you're supposed to accept an answer if someone rings in before the buzzer...and St. Mac's was in in time.

What is preventing these people from being able to properly add and subtract? It's not a hard concept...I knew how before I started school.

Oh about the games, both teams that won did in fact deserve to go on...Musquodoboit completely outplayed St. Malachy's...

Quebec - Stanstead 340 Quebec 180.

Wow! Amazing performance by Stanstead in this game...

Quebec, incredibly enough was 0 for the first 2 rounds...and Stanstead had a shot at a 400-point game but screwed up on an auto racing question...

Ontario - North Grenville 200 Merivale 180 (should be 160)

Special Guest Reviewer: Jordan Stopciati

North Grenville knocks out the defending champions.


And even though Andy and I called it to happen, I'm still pretty shocked that one of the top teams in Canada last year was just knocked out.

Merivale was able to match North Grenville blow-for-blow in the first round (it seemed that whatever NG did, Merivale did as well - they got locked out on succeeding questions!), but if there was a point where North Grenville sewed it up, it was in the second round. Merivale was only able to get in on one question (and answered incorrectly), while North Grenville went 6 for 7 en route to pulling out a 170-40 lead.

That said, a stonking job by the defending champions to keep it competitive in the lightning round. They certainly made up for their performance in the previous two rounds. It's a sign of Merivale's prowess with the LR that they did not miss a question - going four for four is no fluke.

North Grenville was only able to put up a 30-point performance in the Lightning Round. But it was enough to keep them on top after their excellent performance in the first two rounds.

Congratulations to Becky, Angela, and Ben for a well-played game and we look forward to seeing you in Toronto. =)

Manitoba - Roseau Valley 340 Garden Valley 100

As CBC Manitoba aired this game on the Thursday and did not tell anybody, nobody was able to listen to it.

Saskatchewan - Hanley 230 Rosetown 110 (120)

Special Guest Reviewer: Ben Smith

Rosetown had this game until they blew it in the LR. Rosetown gets an extra 10 points because the hosts awarded them 10 points for a second round question. (yes, another scoring error)

Alberta - Calmar 260 Didsbury 150

Special Guest Reviewer: Ben Smith

Didsbury got 5 right (and 1 wrong) in 30 seconds. Impressive, but too little, too late. Calmar got 4 right plus a whole lot in the second round.

BC - Richmond 250 Sardis 130

Special Guest Reviewer: Ben Smith

I don't believe it. The host stopped and had idle chatter with the teams- IN THE LIGHTNING ROUND! They got through 7 questions- Richmond going 5 for 5, Sardis doing nothing. The BC host apparently thinks that SmartAsk is a talk show. 1