Atlantic - Colonel Gray 350 Mount Pearl 230

Special Guest Reviewer: DeltaGuy

PEI wins, again, against a Newfoundland school from Mount Pearl, as predicted. Colonel Gray had maintained a small lead throughout the question rounds, but did extremely well in the Lightning Round. To my knowledge, no teams lost any points in the LR.

Maritimes - Saint John 380 Dalbrae 220

This week is causing me to revisit the Saunders-Smith Seeding Formula, as the average score so far this week is 75 points higher than the rest of the tournament. The questions are getting easier...However, Saint John seems to have done a complete 360 in knowledge base - they seem to be really up on pop culture this year...we're certainly seeing some unexpected dark horses.

Quebec - St. Thomas 350 Vincent Massey 140

After a rather disappointing start by St. Thomas they turned things up a notch and ran away with things in the Lightning Round. Why am I disappointed? They didn't know where Bishop's was -- a school that I very nearly went to this year. Tsk, tsk, tsk...They thought it was in *Ontario*!

Ontario - Vaughan Road 250 Abelard 230

Holy cow!

Being down by 4 questions with 17 seconds to play certainly didn't faze Vaughan Road Academy...they pull it out at the buzzer.

One thing, though...I'm having more technical difficulties this week than I've had the last 6.

Manitoba - Balmoral 310 Murdoch MacKay 210

Murdoch MacKay brought the game to within 10 points in the LR but Balmoral pulled it out at the end :-)

Saskatchewan - Celebrity Smart Ask as Leader was snowed in - Newsroom 280 Morning Show 230

An excellent and fun game from Regina as Leader Composite was snowed in - Leader vs O'Neill will play next week.

British Columbia - Highland 310 Stelly's 140

A good solid all-around game played by Highland here. But yeah, the Lightning Rounds today were too too easy... 1