Atlantic - Templeton-Corner Brook 270 Booth 120

An excellent game played by Templeton-Corner Brook considering the increased difficulty of the LR this week. The question is, will the pressure of TV get to them again?

Maritime - Rothesay Netherwood 210, Sacred Heart 90

Special Guest Reviewer: Jordan Stopciati

Not exactly the best of games - the pace felt a little bit slackened throughout the whole match and especially in the LR - but Rothesay was looking dangerous from the start (first-round lockouts are generally a sign that the team will be very strong in the lightning round when the buzzing restriction is lifted), and kudos to them for taking out the 70-point deficit incurred in the first round early in the LR. One thing they should learn however? Don't pass on steals like what they did in the second round. As Andy said once, a guess is never stupid when there is no penalty for guessing.

Notes to Sacred Heart's all-female team: if you can remain consistent throughout a game (it's important not to peak too early, especially in Smart Ask!) and not lose your rhythm, and make a note to yourselves that you don't need to answer in the form of the question like Jeopardy, then I'm sure you will be a team with a lot of potential in years to come.

Ontario - Eastdale 170 White Oaks 150

Blech. Ugly game, especially the LR. I'm thinking that Eastdale will be in around 50th or so. And they're going to get swamped in the LR on TV as well.

Saskatchewan - M. C. O'Neill 160 Leader Composite 80.

Well, they *played* intelligently, guessed when it was smart to, didn't during the LR...but they didn't know that much.

Alberta 1 - Bassano 80 (100) John Maland 50

Interesting game that, hey, had a scoring error - what else is new?

John Maland went 0-for-1 in the LR, Bassano went 1 for 2 - The more I think about it, the more I realize that this was a more difficult LR for the teams.

Alberta 2 - St. Joseph 120 Magrath 0 (-30)

So, the season starts with a shutout and ends with a shutout.

However, this game was an AWFUL game. It honestly reminded me of Windermere-Woodlands of last year. The questions in this game, honestly were NOT that difficult. Really! But the teams just didn't know the answers...whoever draws St. Joseph in the opening round, well, see you in Round 2...

British Columbia - Templeton-Vancouver 190 Windermere 30

Recap by: Daniel Pareja

Templeton was predicted to win this match, and win they did. Windermere jumped to an early 40-20 lead after 2 sets of 10-pointers, but Templeton took the lead for good with a sweep of the third 10-point category (eventual winning points scored by yours truly), helped by an early buzz by a Windermere player. In the 20-point round, Templeton got only 4 of 9, but Windermere got 0, so Templeton had a 130-40 lead into the LR. In the LR, Templeton locked up the win with 4 right and 2 wrong (both incorrect answers from the same player), while Windermere got 2 wrong and then 1 right, over 10 questions. The only reason Windermere got an early lead was a bit of lucky fast buzzing. In the early going, it was close, but after the Templeton sweep, it was an easy win, even with a lacklustre performance from the Templeton players in the 20-point categories. 1