Andy's Thoughts - February 12, 2003
Mackenzie vs. Albert Campbell

It was a very interesting game are the thoughts:

* The teams needed to guess more in the early rounds, the buzzer was hit only 14 times by both teams COMBINED on the first 21 questions...they really needed to ring in more.

* Interesting strategy by Mackenzie in Dawg Eat Dawg. I honestly don't believe the score was appropriate for a wager of that magnitude...that loss in DED was the turning point of the game.

* AC completely walked all over the Dirty Half Dozen - Mio and Nobu were as stunned as I was - and surprisingly enough I knew the question they didn't get...I was yelling at one at the screen, hoping they'd go 6 for 6, but alas they didn't.

* Mackenzie only hit the buzzer 6 times the whole game. The buzzer's there for a reason, guys -- use it!

Oh well, we get to see David tomorrow... :-) That should be fun