Andy's Thoughts - February 19
Marystown Central vs. East Pictou

Here are a few preliminary thoughts:

* Kayla guessed. A lot. Good on her for doing so. Even though they weren't right most of the time, at least she took a guess at the question.

* Whoever thought it would be a good idea to let Jennie Graham, typo queen, ring in on the spelling category, well, needs to know their teammates' strengths and weaknesses better. Oh well...I don't think Kayla knew how to spell either.

* Gaetan did a very good job to keep Marystown Central in this game at the was actually quite an exciting Lightning Round.

* Jennie got her 100-point question! Dad banged on the floor telling me to shut up because I was cheering so loud.

* I also have to say that after seeing Jennie's interview today I felt proud to say that Jennie is my friend. I absolutely loved the interview and I have to say that Michie hit it bang on when she said that you are a genius, Jen! :-)