Andy's Thoughts - February 27
Three Hills vs Rosenort

So...anyone see the game last night? Here's my take on things... :-)

The questions were definitely more difficult. I think the CBC went a bit too far on the Obscure-O-Meter on some of the questions.

That being said, Three Hills is VERY strong in Dirty Half Dozen. 250 of their 440 points were scored on 3 correct answers by Courtney and Sarah, and that gave them the 440-200 lead that they did not relinquish. (For comparison, Three Hills only had 4 correct the rest of the game)

I thought Calmar tried sitting on a lead? Three Hills did not touch the buzzer during the Lightning Round. Granted, they didn't really have to...because Rosenort kept up their right-wrong-right-wrong pattern...but any team that has aspirations of making it out of their week needs to play much more aggressively in the Lightning Round.

Anna vs. Andy tonight ended 850-550 for Anna...I don't know what it is with Anna and the early rounds...I was down 500-90 going into Dawg Eat Dawg.