Episode 26: January 23, 2003 - Vanier 390 Kennebecasis Valley 780

Masterful. Truly masterful.

I am still very impressed with Kennebecasis Valley. They're utilizing the speed of Patrick and the combined intelligence of all 3 players and disposing of their opponents with ease (This is Athenian strategy to a T)

Dawg Eat Dawg was back to its usual difficulty today, which I find is very good. The teams need to wager more though, though I could understand why they'd have cold feet - they probably heard the stories eminating from the last two games (Sorry about my vernacular tonight, I'm currently whomping Jen Graham in Scrabble)

Another thing I'm impressed with: Sean and Patrick were great in the Dirty Half Dozen, we haven't seen a "Double 150" in a while :-)

(Uggh, Jen just made a 53-point word on me. No longer a whomp)

In the Lightning Round (Yes, I realize it was short, but I don't really notice it...anything longer than a minute is fine - they go quickly), KV went a 2nd straight game without an incorrect answer - they're managing well.

From the Statman: Patrick has scored 1,200 points (in 2 games) so far...only 3 players have more: Sarah (1,760) and Ben (1,450) from Merivale, and Jason from Vaughan Road (1,230). All 3 of those ahead of him have played 4. Nice work Patrick!

(PS: Final score: Andy 328 Jen 252) 1