Episode 29: February 24, 2004 - Bluefield 1,090 South Kamloops 1,110

Due to tonight's Andy vs Anna debacle, I am including Daniel Pareja and Jordan Stopciati's thoughts here along with mine.

Jordan Stopciati - Subtitle: "Gravy, Cheese Curds, Fries, It All Works"

In brief: What a clutch performance and a great way to close a great third round of T2! South Kamloops just proved they can follow the example of Bishop's in the lightning round and engineered a great comeback in the three minutes available to them when any bookie would have given them real longshot odds considering their LR history.

Donnie had a great game for Bluefield with Ryan taking over in the LR admirably. Both teams played great LRs, it just so happened that Kamloops got in more frequently and it won them in the game. Jacob and Scott carried Kamloops to victory on the other side and did so with grace with roughly equal shouldering of the load.

Point of concern, though. People should know that it's better to say "you tried" with ten seconds left and if these teams saw the third round game they should have known that. The opportunity was there for Bluefield. It wouldn't have hurt them to take it.

P.S. I'm glad I called South Kamloops for the semis now. =)

Daniel Pareja:

I guess Jacob is better than Ryan, after all.

Andy Saunders:

Well...this was a game, and well, I'll admit. I was in the audience uttering mild cuss words under my breath after that one.

Bluefield dominated the first 22 minutes of the telecast. South Kamloops the final 30 seconds. And South Kamloops finds itself in the quarter-final.

More and more I'm thinking that the CBC needs to put remaining Lightning Round time on the scoreboard because it would make the end of games that much more exciting if teams knew how much time was left on the clock.

Oh well, I guess Jacob and company does deserve it a little bit. Make sure you watch tomorrow!