Episode 18: February 4, 2004 - Morell 530 Swan Valley 680

So close, yet so far away...

Suprisingly enough, this game had some very bright spots. Smart and Smarterer was one of the better ones this season - both players weren't afraid to ring in and interrupt.

Dirty Half Dozen was incredibly dirty - mainly because of the Athenian that Morell managed to get away with - note to Mio and Nobu...time to clamp down...

But what's that you say? Didn't they say this was their last show? I personally can vouch for this and say that I thought they played an incredibly cruel joke. For shame!

And again, Swan Valley manages to get through another game in which they were completely dominated on the buzzers in the Lightning Round...Swan Valley is very lucky Morell took 500 in negs.

Now one question about Mio's Moment? It was certainly great -- but can it qualify as "Mio's Worst Moment"?