Episode 5: January 13, 2004 - Campbell 450 Westisle 820

Am I allowed to say this?

Wow. This game certainly gave the "Dirty Half Dozen" an entirely new meaning. Poor Libby. Oh well, good on her for recovering from the apparent lost innocence (on national TV, nonetheless), winning Westisle tonight's match by going 6 for 6 in the Lightning Round.

On the flip side, we saw some excellent play by Campbell in the opening four rounds, especially by Rebecca; mind you, I have a feeling that she was more of a Sarah King-type player than anything else (i.e. a literature expert getting lucky with a very literature and spelling-based pack tonight). When the other stuff hit in the Lightning Round, Westisle displayed their dominance. West-izzle-my-nizzle indeed!

Ironically enough, it almost sounded like the last half of the DHD and the entire Lightning Round could have been written by me -- the Ashes? Right bower? Wow. (PS: There's no way I'd try to take credit for the "penis" question though - remember what time Smart Ask airs at...)

All in all, Campbell played very respectably and almost pulled off the upset of the tournament...congrats to all 6 players - who played very well!

In other thoughts, why do contestants seem to have such an infatuation with Peter Mansbridge? Call me a heretic, but I *much* prefer Lloyd Robertson on CTV for news.

And one last thought: It was Westisle that gave me the incredibly odd look as Ami and I left East Side Mario's on the Saturday night (the Saturday of T1). They were 1 table down from KV and were more than likely wondering what we were doing talking to them about Smart Ask.