Episode 6: January 14, 2004 - Fredericton 1220 Perth 910

If I had a nickel for every time the Smart Ask hosts made some kind of sexual reference on Smart Ask, well, I'd have a lot more than 7 or 8 cents! Yikes! Smart Ask isn't going to keep up its C8 rating if this keeps up. Hmmm, oh well, at least it's less lewd than Kenny vs. Spenny...

Another question about the interviews...Why do people named Andy *ALWAYS* get into trouble around Smart Ask? That's just funny...

What? Someone's telling me that there was *trivia* today?

Ah, yes, I have to say, Peter was excellent in Smarterer today -- nice job! A little bit of confusion on his part in the Dirty Half Dozen, but still, a nice game nonetheless by Fredericton. Only problem is, Peter used the four-word taboo on air...That's not good.

Finally, an excellent Lightning Round played by both teams, it had an excellent pace to it. Perth was more than game considering their #63 ranking -- I wonder how Fredericton vs. Athens would have ended up?