Episode 8: January 16, 2004 - Bishop's 1040 Humboldt 880

Now THAT was a game! 10 lead changes in the final 3 minutes -- wow!

I have to say, Tyler certainly gave gave Bishop's one heck of a run for their money, he really had that "evil villain" look to him last night...

In case anyone missed the scoring error, it came on the "malaria" question with 0:54 to go, but I'm glad it was corrected - and kudos to Mio and Nobu for being intelligent enough to notice the error as well - it's nice when you have hosts that know what's going on :-)

That being said, Danny going 4 for 4 in the final :40 was easily the difference in tonight's game.

Humboldt gave it their all, but in the end, they were just outclassed by the fact that Bishop's got in twice as many times in the Lightning Round.

Finally, about Danny's interview, his response of "Only time will tell" when asked how well Bishop's was going to do was easily the best response to make the Trivia Gods happy (they don't like people bragging about how well they think they're going to do). So, I have to ask...Is he smart or what?