Episode 12: January 23, 2004 - Bishop's 1370 Sir Winston Churchill 800

Subtitle: "Look Ma! No Negs!"

Can we get some love, please?

For those of you who scorned Danny Hickie for his Lightning Round play the first time around, did he properly impress you this time?

You can't get much better than 19 for 21, and 1,050 points. He has definitely booked himself as one of this season's elite players (if you hadn't thought of him as one already)

And as usual, Catherine was near-perfect for Churchill, failing to make one single unforced error the entire tournament.

Unfortunately for her, though, the one forced error she did make was a turning point for Bishop's, as it meant that Eithne got a 150, opening up a 220-point lead...one that Bishop's would not be really challenged on.

Other than that, I'd like to make one comment about the "Andy Award for Best Online Player" as Nobu mentioned...If you want the award, you have to beat me...It's as simple as that.