Episode 14: January 28, 2004 - Bishop's 1560 Fredericton 1360 (OT)

Wow! What a game -- easily the greatest game in Smart Ask history...

On with some interesting stats:

And now onto the important stuff: Why did Bishop's win this game and not Fredericton?

  1. "Hickie Lit" -- Mio's Moment was all stuff that Danny Hickie knows like the back of his hand. By my count, The score was at least 310-(-50) for Bishop's on Hickie Lit questions -- and that's the game right there.

  2. The final :35 -- Over the final :35 (after Fredericton tied the game at 1360), they didn't hit the buzzer. Once. If you do that over a span of 7 questions, you are more than likely going to lose.

  3. Karmatic reasons:

So this means we have Patrick vs. Danny in the quarter-final...now THIS should be intersting. 1