Episode 2: January 7, 2004 - West Vancouver 830 Bialik 1020

Wow! What a finish! I was certainly on the edge of my seat with that finish. Nice job by West Vancouver to claw back from the defecit!

Bialik certainly hit the ground running in this game, and held it together until about 45 seconds to go. Then, well, they hung on for dear life.
Also, that was one of the best DHDs I have ever seen played; nice work by both teams to take all 6 questions in that round!

I think this episode goes to show everyone that you have to keep going until the very last question - you can't let up, because you never know what is going to happen.

That being said, excellent work by both teams, congrats to Brian for his 10-for-10 perfect game, and good on Liana on breaking the 600 mark. Nice work!

One last thing: There was a minor scoring error in tonight's game; Bialik did not receive credit for their first answer in the 100-point Lightning Round. It came very close to being a major scoring error.