Episode 3: January 8, 2004 - R. D. Parker 430 Kennebecasis Valley 1490

Hmm. Today, we saw a completely masterful performance...

...Over the first three rounds.

It was incredible watching KV run up nearly 900 points through the opening 3 rounds, especially seeing both Sean and Patrick 150 in the DHD.

However, I'm not impressed with KV's Lightning Round play. It seemed to me like they were really conservative in the Lightning Round -- almost a little too hesitant and conservative. They're going to need to ring in more than 8 times over 21 questions.

Other than that, I want to say that I think that Elona showed flashes of brilliance (matching Patrick in Smarterer - nice work!), and then Patrick -- It's been a while since a *player* got 20 right answers in a game. Most *teams* have trouble breaking 20...

I also found Patrick's interview to be really humourous, they seem really surprised that this is Patrick's 3rd year. Why do I have the feeling that Patrick just got asked for ID for the first time?