Episode 4: January 9, 2004 - Wiarton 610 Ross Sheppard 1490

Can somebody tell me where Peter was last year? Ross Sheppard would have won T4 last year with this guy in their lineup - geesh!

There really isn't much to say about the game itself, it was pretty much The Peter Show from start to finish...23 for 27, 1120 points...I guess that would explain why Ross Sheppard had such a good radio game...

About Mio's Moment tonight: Is it just me or did Mio look more like Harry Potter than Bill Gates tonight?

In other news, just one suggestion to players in future seasons: Try to keep your significant other out of the audience; the CBC might just embarass you! Anyone else notice Brittany covering her face during their interview of Jordan?

One final question, if anyone from Wiarton is still around: Are Brittany and Jordan still together?