More About Andy

So, you want to find out a little more about Andy?
Andy Saunders is a first-year student at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Contacting Andy

MSN/E-mail -

Yahoo - andydegreat1983ca

AOL - AndyDeGreat

ICQ - 103543030

Various Links

These are links to either sites of mine, or sites that I think are pretty cool. Enjoy the ride!

Andy Saunders' blog - Your chance to see even deeper into my brain (though who would want to?)
AnnexCafe - Formula 1 - the Formula 1 newsgroup that I get all of my F1 news from.
Thames Valley Reach For The Top - Interested in the other Canadian high school trivia competition? The London, Ontario region has posted their scores this year online - check it out!
The Canucks Newsgroup Hockey League - FHL-based fantasy hockey league that I'm a part of - My team stinks this year though.
Centennial CVI Reach For The Top Team - My alma mater John F. Ross doesn't have a page, but our cross-town rivals at Centennial do! Besides, Dylan and Ori are cool... (Note: I may take this link down if Centennial beats Ross in this week's playoffs...)
OnGames - Live, interactive, hosted chat trivia and wordgames on IRC -- warning, your brain might get a workout! You can find me playing here as AndyDeGreat.

Do you have a site that you want me to link to? Email me at and let me know about it!